I want to puchase my son a great flight simulator program for Xmas but I know his laptop will not have enough requirements to make it work well. Can someone please recommend a nice flight simulator software plus let me know the basic computer requirements I would need so I can purchase the hardware upgrades.


Chosen Answer:

For any flight simulator program, the requirements are pretty high. I would recommend Flight Simulator X by Microsoft. It comes in a DVD style, so no hassle downloading stuff. The price for the regular edition is around , which is not bad for a software real pilots could use. The Deluxe Edition (more planes, landing sites, etc.) comes at 35.99 on Amazon. There is a demo version here:
If you actually buy this program, get a joystick too. It will enhance the flying experience a lot. Logitech ones are high quality and come pretty cheaply. A accelerator pedal will also help a lot, but it isnt that neccesary.

The main setback of this game is that the requirements are pretty high.
1.0 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM (for Windows XP SP2) or 512 MB RAM (for Windows Vista), 14 GB hard drive space (15 GB for Deluxe Version), DVD drive, 32 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card.
Those are the minimum requirements for it. I recommend higher ones to smooth out the graphics.
by: Calcium Chloride
on: 13th December 08