George asks…

Where to find Flight Sim X software in cassette tape for my IBM pc 5150?

Hi, I would like to play the Flight Simulator X and its respective acceleration pack on my IBM 5150, but I don't know where can I find the cassette tapes of this software, or in defect the floppy diskettes. Thank you!

Sara answers:

This computer does not fulfill the minimum requirements whether hardware or software for any decently recent flight simulator. Unless you are running DOS on it, in which case you could try either fs4 or fs5 later even has two diskette version, but they seem to be HD 1.44 MB images, thus no good if you have 5 1/4" drives


Linda asks…

PC flight sim for real world training?

I'm considering going to flight school to obtain my private license. I was wondering if these so called "simulators" actually help. I want to buy and I'm not sure about software. Are flight simulators helpful, or are they just games?

Sara answers:

Nope the flight yoke is mostly used in airliners and larger planes which are mostly flown with auto pilot / auto throttle. (in fact, except @ take off and touch down the yoke isn't even used under normal circumstances). If you want to make a license on smaller planes you'll probably be more often confronted w/ a stick; this item is more appropriate. The package underneath (joystick + FSX Gold for 70 bucks or so) is all you really need DON'T FORGET TO TURN THE REALISM TO MAX (!) & all to make it more realistic (& provided your budget allows it) you may want to take rudder pedals as well; on the ground, the plane is directed w/ the pedals even though the joystick can be twisted to achieve (nearly) the same effect; additionally, the pedals can not only be pushed, but each pedal can command the breaks on each side (by pressing the respective pedal downward) if you do this for license prep, you are probably better off saving that and concentrate on flight (in which case the pedals are only used in case of strong side wind, to turn the plane somewhat against the wind, so that it actually continues to fly forward; this is only used at landing as during flight this is done with the trim). Beside actually controlling the plane during flight & landing, it may also be helpful to familiarize yourself w/ IFR (Instrumen Flight Rules (it's mostly the codes & protocols used for comms between ATC (Air Traffic Control, towers & all) & planes)) and ILS (Instrument Landing System) which may not be available on small planes but might be requested as theoretical knowledge again, if you choose the FSX DON'T FORGET TO TURN THE REALISM TO MAX (!) if you leave it to default, you can practically land a 747 on 5th avenue, thus… Not really realistic the missions provided in FSX (any edition) can introduce you to flighing very easily & in a few hours. The 1st missions are w/ an ultralight, but it is to familiarize the user w/ fligh dynamics.


Michael asks…

Exactly which Microsoft Flight Simulator is compatible with windows 7 64 bit?

I have a new computer, with Windows 7 64 bit (8gb ram). I would like to use MS FS X. I went to the MS compatibility web site and here is what it says for win 7, 64 bit: MSFS X deluxe, not compatible MSFS X standard, is not shown. MSFS X: Expansion, compatible MSFS X expansion screen saver, compatible (great) expansion just adds stuff to the regular FS X program right? Amazon says the standard FS X is for windows XP. So whats the deal? will the standard FS X work with 64 bit win 7 or not? or do i have to use in combatibilty mode? will I be able to use all my ram (8gb)? I did see that there is a service pack available. heres some web sites:

Sara answers:

I have MSFS X Standard and windows 7 it works fine my friend has MSFS X deluxe, MSFS X standard, and MSFS X: Expansion on his computer (windows 7) so they will all work on windows 7 don't worry (ps. I LOVE that game)


Helen asks…

Is there such thing as a pc to mac software converter?

example, i want to use my microsoft word, or microsoft flight simulator on my mac

Sara answers:

No… Sadly, there is none that convert the .exe to a .dmg. There is, however, an emulator. Parallels, for example, allows you to run Windows while on your Mac. Maybe this is what you were talking about. Then again, maybe you are looking for Mac on a PC based computer? Try to Google it… Or: Hope this helps.


Sandy asks…

problems with my flight sim x on pc?

i was told to install microsoft sevice pack 2 ,to be able to run my copy of flight simulator x on my windows xp ..but after down loading this pack and installing my flight sim i am finding that the software is not running as it should be ..its jumping abit or the sounds not perfect ..i read on here that the sevice pack is faulty or dogey .is this true .is there anyway i can make this sofware run without problems …hmmm ps i have instaled this service pack twice ..still not good ok .

Sara answers:

Mine works (is it bent)?

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