My computer is a pentium D 3.2GHz, 1GB Ram, 320GB HDD, GeForce 7600GS (256Mb) and a year old and it cannot run flight simulator X unless all graphics options are turned off. Is this right because it’s well above the system requirements for the game. What can i do to improve my system? What are these new physics accelerators? Would they help?


Chosen Answer:

no physx cards are a joke. Just answered a question about them the other day.

FSX is a high demanding game. It may require DX10 support, not too sure I don’t care for the series.

7600GS isn’t that great of a card played on the newer games. Its not a bad card, but will work best with DX9 games.

Physx cards have shown benchmarks to actually decrease fps during games.
by: Chris
on: 13th November 07