Microsoft Flight Simulator X


Microsoft flight simulator X or simply FSX is the most recent release of flight simulator software coming after Microsoft Flight simulator version 2004. The X version is compatible with Windows versions like Windows Vista and Windows 7. The software also entails graphics engine upgrade. Officially released to the market on October of 2006, the software includes almost everything from airways, navaids and to GPS. The standard version consist of about 28 broad cities, 18 planes and well over 24000 airports while the deluxe version consist of about 38 detailed cities, 24 aircrafts and over 24 000 airports. Microsoft flight simulator X version also exist in Gold version which is basically a combination of the deluxe version and an acceleration version made into one. The X version can be seen as an upgrade of the ms flight simulator 2004 version and with this comes a number of new features. Some of the new features in Microsoft flight simulator include:

  • Improved graphics that include 3D animals, polar flights, star constellations, improved scenery textures among others
  • New default and improved aircraft
  • In built GPS upgrade
  • Jetways on the airports
  • Revamped sound system and multiplayer functionality
  • Tower controller
  • Camera shake
  • An increased altitude which is now up to 10 million feet
  • There improvements and new features include flexible and realistic wings in a number of commercial aircrafts, 3D water waves, an emission engine which creates dynamic missions with the help of developer control among other features

Majority of airlines used in the Microsoft flight simulator x are fictional with only one of them being a real aircraft. Kenmore Air is the only real airline. Unlike other flight simulator editions, the X edition allows users to explore the whole world. This is achieved by the event oriented and multipath situations which extends a user interaction potentials. Rewards are given to pilots upon completion of various missions. The rewards given depend on the mission that one completes and some missions come with multiple and at times hidden rewards. Every mission comes with a map to help the pilot in completing the mission as desired.


The Microsoft flight simulator X edition got a 4 star rating for the following reasons:

Firstly, to play the game, one must have a high-end computer and this makes it a bit of system hog. Other users find this software taxing in regard to installation time and memory needs. All in all, many users found this ms flight simulator very entertaining and accommodating as almost anyone regardless of skill levels or age scan play the game with little or no assistance. If in case you are not sure of whether to buy this software, you can download a trial version which will include 3 aircraft, 2 airports and 2 different missions. Ms flight simulator x is currently available in 5 languages. The software will immerse you into a beautiful and almost real world filled with numerous aircrafts on interactive missions to provide you with an innovative and adventurous gaming experience.

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