FlightGear Review

Developed by the FlightGear Project in 2007, the FlightGear is a fully platform-independent flight simulator software. This open-source software application has a GNU General Public Licensed CVS repository source code. The OSG development from PLIB was facilitated by this simulation software. The objectives of this sophisticated flight simulation software include: boosting other flight simulation programs, enhance academic and research work by providing the desired framework and all in all become an end-user program itself. Interested users are able to improve it.


The Pros

For starter, the FlightGear is an open-source application that is absolutely free. It can be downloaded from many online sources for free. It is compact and consumes a relatively small amount of your computer resources. There are very simple and easy to use flight features; this makes the software very user-friendly. Furthermore, it acts as a great source of entertainment. Many people describe it as one of the greatest and most entertaining free flight simulator games they have ever played. It has great graphics with well thought-out scenery. The aircrafts have movable parts for example aircraft panels. The outline texture and high quality sound features offers users a feeling like that of an actual aircraft take-off. The scenery offered is fantastic and well presented in 3D. For the avid flight simulator guy, there are classical lightweight aircrafts to choose from. One is able to spot ships, trees and sky scrapers and cool clouds. The database is fully equipped with geographical representations of places. One has the option of installing extra aircrafts.

The Cons

Many people have complained that the FlightGear cannot run on modern versions of computers and laptops. For instance it cannot run on the latest versions of laptops that have windows XP . This problem has discouraged people from finding feasible solutions for installing this flight simulation software. Some of them would rather find other free flight simulator games rather than formating and installing another operating system. The graphics become blurry after one has taken off. There is a difference in graphic textures when one is at the take-off and when flying. Furthermore, there are no engine sounds when starting the aircraft. People also experience problems when adding the extra aircrafts. Installing the additional planes is very time consuming. There are many startup screens that are very confusing. The ultra simple nature of this flight simulation has been considered to be very monotonous and offers very few challenges to the users. As a result of these many reviews have given it two star rating.


The FlightGear flight simulation software is undoubtedly classical and traditional in nature. It offers very exciting flying experience. Those who want to learn and enjoy flight simulation, then this is the right software for you. It is backed by easy to understand help guidelines and features. Those who have problems in starting up the engines can read these guidelines. Furthermore, the Tech Support for this flight simulation software is available in many online flight simulation sites. Read the guidelines and enjoy FlightGear.

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