Why did Flight Pro Sim become only 4 Stars?


Flight Pro Sim is one of the most realistic and excellent flight sims available that makes your dream travels a reality. It offers worldwide accurate scenery based on professional mapping, life like controls, US defense mapping, add in changeable weather and other unique features that makes it only 4 stars.
Flight pro simulator offers excellent scenery set which contains great chunks that covers almost the entire world. They include

  • vmap0 lakes
  • rivers
  • roads
  • railroads
  • cities
  • towns
  • land covers and other exclusive 10 by 10 degree chunks.


Flight Pro Sim is one of the best simulators that you can possibly think of.

It offers accurate and realistic terrain of PC Simulator. For those who love sight seeing, this iSaves best simulator as it offers many interesting places that allows virtual sight seeing. Whats more, the scenery set offers 100 % flying freedom and you can fly anywhere in the world and explore a comprehensive coverage of different airports across the world.
Flight Pro Sim comes with an added advantage because it is based on openGL graphics rendering. For this reason, flight simulation software can do about everything and make it appear realistic. It offers you complete control and one can dig deeper into the game to create own graphics including planes, terrains and airports. Furthermore, you can reprogram flight controls and control to suit your needs. Remember, graphics and customization are as limited as your own imagination. Additionally, the game is always under constant development and you can easily access all upgrades and new features that often come from open source community developers. The possibilities to have fun becomes endless as well as that of your family since its user friendly and kids can operate it comfortably.
Flight Pro Sim offer extremely smooth and fluid instrument animation as well as cockpit systems in 3 dimension pilot eye view, which provides the same experience as a real aircraft. Moreover, you are in control of everything from releasing the brakes to raising the wheels. A dynamic cockpit view often toggles between a fixed view-point and one that stimulates your head movement during your flights. Its instrumentation always offer updates at the same rate as your out-the-window view updates. If in case the vacuum system fails, the HIS gyros spins down with a corresponding degradation and increases a bias error. However, all system failures and any error that could make your flights challenging, can be accurately recreated to offer a exciting flying experience of a lifetime.
Flying weather should always real time in order for you to explore different parts of the world to the maximum. Flight Pro Sim therefore, offers different weather dimensions which includes snow, wind and rain. These weather dimensions allows your to challenge yourself in different ways thus landing at the same airport which you took off from, or land at the nearest local airport. With Flight Pro Sim , it is possible to fly at any time of the day and night, since the simulator offers realistic night lighting system. Moreover, With the simulator you get a chance to enjoy

  • realistic 3D cockpit views
  • real time integration with Google maps
  • real life run way elevations and a chance to show off your flying skills.



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